Mercedes Benz SLK 1.8 Sport Convertible AMG in Sidcup

Well cared for, high performance 0-60 in 6.7 secs, 44+MPG, fun sunny day Merc

mercedes slk amg sport convertible silver 1.8

High-Quality Materials

mercedes badge silver merc slk interior dash merc slk interior

When you're buying a Mercedes, you expect a certain standard of quality, the high-class reliable German brand construction. And of course, it's very apparent when looking at used Mercedes, all the quality without the high retail price.

Just looking at the shiny badge of Mercedes approval, you can tell this SLK has been well looked after. A sporty appeal is then reflected in the central dash display and media infotainment system. Plant your right foot and expect an exuberant chorus of chiming cylinders as the dials light up in excitement ready to accelerate into the sunny B-roads.

Flappy Paddle Excitement

If you're in the camp of manual forever, you want to experience this automatic the steering wheel shifting. Although a clutch kick may feel like you're in tune with your car, once you set off into the windy roads with the gears in the hands, you'll find the gearbox, responsive, light and lightning fast. 

Simply in today's driving, it is more practical to have an automatic sports car, something that when you want to, can kick down a gear with a flick of the wrist and overtake or power out of that country corner to feel the back end grip into the road. Then inevitably you will hit traffic, dread the thought of left leg cramp, and realise you don't need to with a smooth experience able to cruise along with minimal effort. 

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