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The Vauxhall Mokka is designed for the enthusiast of life. Rather than a conventional supermini or family hatch, this is something extra. The high-set seating position, street styling and the optional possibility of off-road adventures all add up to the experience of the Mokka.

With rivals such as the large Nissan Juke, or now obsolete Skoda Yeti, the Mokka provides a great small SUV compromise between the two at a much more attractive price.

mokka beach sidcup


The Mokka's exterior might be enough to sell it. Cute and individualistic without being wilfully outlandish like the bold styling choices of the Nissan Juke, and better resolved than the rather awkward-looking MINI Countryman. The front grille featuring the large gryphon badge is chromed enough and full of angles to promote a strong masculine look, whilst the overall sculpted design softens the body and emphasising the cute face. The Mokka has a look that'll have wider appeal across both sexes, with purposeful protective cladding around the bumpers and wheelarches ready to any British bumps or knocks.

Vauxhall's signature 'blade' light-catching line on the body side, sweeps up towards the rear plate with a polished aluminium finish.


In the back, the rear seats benefit from wide opening doors allowing easy installation of a child seat. And once inside, there's more space than you'd perhaps expect from something based on a car from the Fiesta class, especially when it comes to headroom.

Fold up the concealed armrest with its integrated cupholder and although tight, you can fit 3 adults across the back and still fill the boot with all their luggage with 356-litres of carriage space, 30% more than you'd get in the larger Nissan Juke. Open up the boot by folding the rear seats and access 1.5m of loadbay length and up to 1,372-litres. To put that into perspective, you get 1170-litres in a MINI Countryman, just 860-litres available in a supposedly larger Nissan Qashqai and just 550-litres in a Nissan Juke. What's not to love?

vauxhall mokka 2015 dash wheel
vauxhall mokka 2015 boot


Clasp the wheel and feel yourself with great visibility in front, seated high with clear viewing angles, you can feel safe and secure-able to adjust to things happening in the distance (great for traffic journeys). Inside the cabin, the real emphasis though, is on practicality, with 19 different storage areas, including cubbies either side of the gear lever, TWO gloveboxes and a boxed compartment to the right of the steering wheel, handy for miscellaneous items. Most models also get a 230V three-pin mains power supply - ideal to keep the kids occupied or charge your laptop for the journey ahead.


Under the slender bonnet, there are three main engine options, the most affordable, the 2WD 115PS petrol 1.6-litre variant providing optimal efficiency in everyday driving conditions.

Add a few more horses and the Mokka unlocks 140PS form a 1.4-litre turbo reaching 60mph in just 9.4s up to 118mph, quite rapid for a spacious SUV. Despite all this extra power and additional 4WD, the provision of a 6-speed gearbox and updated machinery mean that this efficient turbo is still low on running costs.

The most practical engine choice though is still the diesel option. From launch, the Mokka got a 128PS 1.7-litre CDTi until it was replaced in 2015 by a quieter and more economic 134PS 1.6-litre CDTi diesel unit. Whichever diesel you end up looking at, options are vast from those with 6-speed manual or automatic transmission and with or without 4WD. And throw in the fact you get 300Nm of pulling power, you can easily tow a braked trailer of up to 1200kg.

vauxhall mokka 2015 sat nav


The advanced fitted system removes the need for levers and buttons on cars gone by, just a set of sensors that constantly monitor your steering angle, the wheel speed, throttle position and the engine revs. Based on all this data, the system can seamlessly send up to 50% of the engine's torque from the front to the rear axle, particularly useful when roads are slippery, dusty or uneven. Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control systems add that extra safety knowing whether starting up a hill or traversing down one you can trust the Mokka to keep itself under control. And don't think that AWD is only reserved for going down tractor trails, as at high speed when slippery the system can activate to prevent wheel slip in just a fraction of a second. Available on select models.

vauxhall mokka 2015 brown

vauxhall mokka offer

    THE NEW MOKKA X 2016+

    As standard in Active trim the IntelliLink 7.0in touchscreen infotainment system powers:

    • OnStar (Vauxhall’s 24/7 emergency assistance and concierge service)
    • DAB radio, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.
    • There is also dual-zone climate control, cruise control and parking sensors included too.

    vauxhall mokka x exterior


    Town or Country, this small SUV has you covered with a new muscular, yet sleek looking body style, presenting a sporty and serious feel both inside and out. With Alloys as standard from 17"-19" you'll be sure to find one to fit your fancy. Include the additional option of a power-tilt sunroof, and open up to a life of luxury.

    So feel at home in the newly redesigned centre console making long journeys a breeze. Let the whole family relax in a spacious interior, fully temperature controlled with electronic climate control as standard and localised controlled zones for individual comfort.

    Still looking for more comfort? Experience new soft leather options with lumbar support for that added extra look and feel to your new car.   ​


    Still featuring the four-wheel drive option, the Mokka X enhances stability on and off the road, optimising grip for the slippery wet flats of the M25 or the uneven hilly terrain at your local country field. Utilising the clever technology of Hill Start Assist and Hill Decent control, never worry about rolling back on steep hills, just enjoy the view to the peak and let the car control your braking to the base.    

    Coupled with new adaptive headlights, makes nighttime driving a breeze featuring angular bright LEDs that adjust to curves in the road, prevent dazzle to other drivers, and look good whilst they're doing it. 

    Now don't forget about that 7-8" touchscreen that's been added, it's far more useful than syncing to your smartphone and playing music. Flick it in reverse and watch your whole world come alive behind you, vigilant of rouge trolleys, with smart sensors to notify you of any incoming threats.  

    vauxhall mokka x


    Intellilink is the console system to connect up your smartphone to a world of possibilities. Favourite music on the go? Hands-free voice calling? Any app you can think of? Plug in your phone and unlock the infotainment system designed for you and your family for many happy miles. 

    But wait, what if the kids want to share something for the whole family to listen to? Well, the Mokka's got that covered too, Bluetooth built-in allows a wireless connection from phone to car for streaming music, or even steaming a phone call.  

    And yes there's more... With OnStar your car can become a hotspot for WiFi with subscription, whilst also providing 24h emergency call assistance, hotel booking, parking locator and vehicle diagnostics. 


    The new ecoTEC 1.6CDTi is ready to save you fuel and money, whilst the 1.4i Turbo will add that bit more power to raise a smile. All still efficient and economical options. With so much new technology to assist the economy of engines, expect the ecoFLEX diesel (fully EURO6 compliant) to reach upto 72.4mpg with only 103g/km of CO2.

    With Start/Stop technology enjoy the town commute sitting in traffic knowing when you stop so does the engine, so no fuel, no emissions, save money, save the environment.   

    Whisper Diesel? What's that? With incredibly low emissions and ultimate efficiency, see your Mokka X reach 785 miles on a single tank, with no road tax to pay for the first year.  

    vauxhall mokka x dash


    So there you have it. Whether going to the beach with surfboards and BBQs, the dogs and half the whole family, the Mokka has you covered. Be stable on sandy terrain, and be safe on motorway stretches. See the hill a drive up it, not around it. Find your adventure in the Vauxhall Mokka, built for your family, built for you.

    vauxhall mokka x uphill
    vauxhall mokka x downhill

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