Apple maps fails to fight off Google Maps demand!

Apple CarPlay allows third-party apps for use on iOS Devices​

Starting with the introduction of iOS 12, set to be released later 2018, Apple's CarPlay service will no longer force you to use the very well documented and disgraced Apple Maps for navigation. No longer will it try to send you to Timbuctoo on your trip to the shops, or refuse to understand what the local post box means. Instead, car drivers will be able to use navigation services from any third-party app, like Waze or Google maps.

The classic case of Apple locking down access to any other apps but its own was levied in other areas such as Spotify and other streaming services, but maps has long been protected by the insistence of Apple promising to improve their service and forcing its integration. Finally, though Apple users will be able to enjoy the advanced and expansive features of the Waze app with communal and social sharing and unlock the power of Google maps with live traffic updates and accurate maps.

By plugging in your phone to compatible cars, it takes the apps available and shares them with the infotainment system of the car unlocking features such as Sat Nav and music streaming. In the same way, now Apple devices have the choice to use the same features as Android users and join the ever-growing Waze community with the cost-effective option of phone sharing, rather than the dedicated software.

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