Hyundai Tucson 2018 - Best car for long distance drives

Autotrader award Hyundai Tucson Best SUV for Long distances​

hyundai tucson best for long distance

" When you’ve got a long way to go and you know you’re going to be sat at the wheel for hours, you want your car to be as relaxing as it can possibly be. And this year’s winner of our Best Car for Long Distances award, the HyundaiTucson, does just that ".

From data collected from a survey of more than 40,000 car owners, all of whom rated their car in 16 key areas, the Auto Trader New Car Award is a true representation of the average drivers' feelings and thoughts towards a car they drive every day. So if you ever needed a more expert opinion, look no further than the driver's themselves.

The Tucson’s reliability and durability really resonated with high-mileage owners, giving the car top marks in both areas. It also came out top among regular motorway drivers for the cost of servicing and repairs, and second for comfort.

Here are just a few of the comments that owners made about the Tuscon…

“For such a big car the economy is very good, even with urban driving.”

“I like sitting high up and it is a very comfortable car.”

“Cost of running it and how it looks, and also all the safety features and very long warranty.”

“The car looks fantastic in Aura Blue. The amount of space in the car is also very liberating.”

“The Tucson turned out to be the firm favourite with the high-mileage owners in our survey, and that should be no surprise to anyone. The big Hyundai feels comfortable, stable and settled at motorway cruising speeds, and things also stay pretty quiet on a long motorway schlep. The generous luxury equipment also helps keep you comfortable, connected and entertained, and with good space and practicality, the same should go for those in the back.”
- Auto Trader’s Road Test Editor, Ivan Aistrop.