Used car sales outnumber new car sales 3:1 - But what really are the main PROS and CONS these days of going either way?


1) Buyers get to choose the exact specification that the model of the car can offer (Pretty straight forward)

2) Full warranty package & (depending on dealership) - incentives to make the deal seem sweeter (Hence, also no unknown history).

3) Up to date technology & safety systems - however, in terms of situations when cars break down there's a higher chance it will be due to the electrical fault of the car (which can sometimes not be resolved at the side of the road).


1) Around 8 million used cars are sold in the UK each year - so there's definitely plenty of choices.

2) No financial investment hit - around 20% of a new car's value is gone as soon as it leaves the showroom (Depreciation) - Only a few new cars are worth more than half of their original value after 3 years of being on the road...

3) Remaining manufacturer's warranty balance - what can be better for your peace of mind when buying a used car, than having 2, 3 or more years of manufacturer warranty left over? - It's fantastic to know that if something happens to your new used car - you won't have to spend hundreds on repairing it (P.S Hyundai unlimited warranty is for 5 years ;) )

4) More than half of used cars are sold by car dealers - it might be a bit more ££ than buying a car from a private owner, however, you can be more reassured about the quality of the car - as a used car dealership will ensure you still have customer service support, free expertise & after sales support - and they won't 'disappear' forever after you have bought a car (P.S We would recommend checking out the reviews of your local dealership - to see what other customers think of them :) )

5) The biggest bargains and the biggest risk - auctions! - unless you count yourself as a vehicle guru or if you don't have a great amount of knowledge of the vehicle your keen to purchase - we wouldn't recommend that your first option would be to engage in auctions (unless you know someone that has done it before)

6) The only/biggest downside is knowing the history of the car - now if the car is only 1-4 years old (the risk is fairly low), however any higher than that - you might want to ask the previous owner/ dealership about its previous owner and its mileage history!

We hope this comes in handy and you can make the right choice!

- Your Premier Team

Buying new vs used cars - tips you should know when purchasing your next vehicle