Active Suspension Adjusts against the rise in potholes


Basically, yes. Like the force...but actual science.

The new Focus uses what has been described as a Pothole Detection System. Now there aren't any new cameras, or 3D scanning or anything really particularly groundbreaking. It simply uses reactionary force and adaptive suspension, like most car dampening systems, but enhances the technology to be able to soften the blow of tyre drop and the resulting clunk you hear when hitting a dreaded pothole. 

This tech senses the front wheels lowering as they enter a pothole. By tightening the suspension, it can limit how low the wheel drops, as the wheel does not fall as far, it doesn't hit the other end of the pothole as harshly on exit. This is said to reduce the risk of causing damage and discomfort. Then the clever bit, knowing there is danger ahead, the system pre-warns the rear wheels (all in about a split second) that they also need to do the same. 

“Potholes are a problem that isn’t going away anytime soon, but with our advanced suspension technology for all-new Focus, we've been able to reduce their impact.
- Guy Mathot, Ford Focus vehicle dynamics supervisor

- Impressively, every two milliseconds the suspension, body, steering and braking inputs are monitored throughout the journey to ensure comfort at all time -