Hybrid Cars on the Rise

- There are reports that people have increasingly been searching for Hybrid vehicles, and a survey has shown that more car buyers are considering a Hybrid as their next car - now even overcoming Diesel cars in terms of desirability (Click here for a article regarding this)

- Additionally, on a bigger scale Hybrids are reducing CO2 emissions on the market faster than electrical vehicles, according to Emissions Analytics. (Click here for a article regarding this)Thus, possibly suggesting that Hybrid cars may be a gateway towards the future of a world containing a majority of electric cars.

- We think that few of the reasons that are responsible for the rise in popularity of Hybrid cars is the low CO2 emissions and great MPG's that Hybrid cars can offer - which in this day and age is at the top of criteria for a lot of people - not only because of economical reasons in terms of running costs or lower vehicle yearly tax ( including ULEZ, if applicable) but also environmental impact.

- There are many Hybrid types and makes available on the market - however we are particularly fond of the Hyundai IONIQ as we believe it offers a great MPG & fuel economy as well as great amount of equipment as standard - Similarly thinks '' What Car? '' who have given the IONIQ '' the best Hybrid of 2019 award.''

If you want to know more about the Hybrids or Hyundai IONIQ in particular just give us call or leave us a question/inquiry on the Contact Us page.

- Your Premier :)

Hyundai IONIQ the best Hybrid car of 2019