Over the next 4 years Hyundai plans to release a range of EV cars, currently naming 3 different EV's.

Sharing the name IONIQ (The companies highly sold hatchback) The vehicle model names will differentiate by using a number in their title, with even numbers for saloons and odd numbers for SUV's.

Hyundai to launch new EV range


The first in line will be the the IONIQ 5 that'll be released in 2021 - it will be a compact crossover which will base it's futuristic design on the Hyundai's Concept 45 car that was shown in the last years Frankfurt Motor Show.

Next will be the 2022 IONIQ 6 electric sports saloon, which takes inspiration from the low-slung Prophecy concept. And lastly, a yet unseen SUV called the IONIQ 7 will land in 2024.

Hyundai to launch new EV range

Each will sit atop the brand’s all-new Electric Global Modular Platform, which is said to be capable of fast charging and a long range. With a long wheelbase and a flat floor, it also allows for each model to have a spacious interior, which, Hyundai says, will be modelled on “smart living rooms”.

The brand also says all IONIQ-branded models will offer enhanced connectivity features "to integrate in-car and out-of-car experiences for a seamless journey".

The Hyundai IONIQ will not be a part of the new model range, suggesting it will either be renamed or replaced entirely.

Hyundai to launch new EV range

The final production designs of all three remain under-wraps, with Hyundai previously stating that they plan for each one to have a distinctive and different design featuring 'pixel' headlights.

By 2025, Hyundai intends to launch 16 new EVs to increase its annual EV sales to more than 500,000 - the equivalent of just over 10% of its total sales in 2019.

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Hyundai to launch new EV range