A little gift from Premier Autocentres to the first salesman to reach this photographic milestone

We were proud today to celebrate the final photo to reach Daniel Henderson's 1000 photo event. At Premier Autocentres, every car we sell we photograph and video to present to our customers hopefully providing as much information as possible to make an informed decision to buy your new car. 

Photographing so many cars per day, both on the 360° turntable, and handheld photos, you can quickly lose track of how many everyone does. A little while ago, purely out of interest we decided to start tracking exactly how many cars we photographed and started a salesman tally. We're not even going to go into how many MBs and total photos we now have so we stuck with a tally per car. So today was the day Dan claimed the first spot on the 1000 list.

dan photo award

Quite possibly we didn't need to keep him spinning on the turntable whilst 'You Spin Me Round' played on loop, but that was more for our enjoyment than grabbing a photo. 

Dan's current obsession has been buying a DB11, so after telling him he was mad and maybe a Fiat is more his style, we finally gave in and just bought him one, albeit at 1:18 the size.  

aston martin model

We'd like to take this space to thank Dan for all his hard work and reaching this phenomenal achievement. All our salesmen work hard and we're so grateful to have them greeting customers and leaving them with a smile on their face for over 50 years. We look forward to the next 1000 from Dan or maybe a new challenger next year?

If you'd like to meet Dan or any of our other fantastic salesmen, they're happy to help. Browse all our Cars at the below button.

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